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Dutch Oven Leek and Potato Soup

This leek and potato soup will match the falling leaves and crisp autumn air. It has all the key elements bringing it to perfection including salty and crispy bacon, sour cream, savory leeks, creamy potatoes, fresh herbs and homemade croutons.

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Forager Fresh Clam Chowder

It’s fall and nothing says autumn to me like a big steaming bowl of chowder here in the Pacific Northwest. I used fresh ingredients to showcase the clams as opposed to buying them in milk or tomato.

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Pesto Albacore with Brown Rice Pasta

This is a really easy meal when you’re rolling up to a campsite after a long drive. The brown rice pasta is the perfect match to the tuna and pesto.

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Farro with Lemon and Feta - Lightweight Option

The farro here serves as a hearty base against a tangy vinaigrette that’s bursting with lemon flavor. It’s a light and bright meal that can either be stashed in your camp cooler or rehydrated on the trail.

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BBQ Mustard-Onion Burger

Not your ordinary burger, this is best served when you’ve just landed to basecamp from a high peak or at a beach after an epic surf session. It’s best served with a craft beer for emphasis on chill time.

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